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Marty Mac’s World – The Mack is Back – June 2, 2009

Former Washington Wizards coach Eddie Jordan wanted the insanity of the Sacramento Kings head-coaching job. He told me so.

However, the position was not offered him and likely will not be offered to anyone until the Los Angeles Lakers conclude their playoff run and Kings President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie interviews assistant coach and former Kings forward Kurt Rambis.

The Kings dilly-dallied and if they did want Jordan, they did not show it nearly as much as the Philadelphia 76ers, who Monday introduced Jordan as their new coach.

Petrie and the Kings likely are taking their time in part because that is what they do.  Granted, there is not much coaching to do on the Kings front right now. However, the failure to offer Jordan the job ultimately says he was not the overwhelming choice.

In these days of fiscal restraint, there is no need to pay a coach an extra month.  That’s not just a Kings philosophy, that’s the real world.  Shoot, my 18-year-old son now has a job and he will soon be kicking in on the phone bill and the mortgage.

However, shame on the Kings, if they lost the opportunity to hire the coach they wanted because they tried (or needed) to save one month’s worth of salary. I’ll just hope things haven’t reached that point.

I am neither Eddie Murphy nor Dan Ackroyd but if trading places with Petrie, the search would not be limited to coaches with previous ‘coaching success.’  Then again, that’s a dubious requirement.  Doesn’t Boston assistant coach Tom Thibodeau have enough experience? The Kings likely are not going to hire a coach whom has led a team to a championship, so what the hell?

 Yes, the Kings have handled recent coaching situations like a baker without oven mitts.  Yet, the bottom line is to find the best coach for the future. Petrie needs to trust his instincts and since he’s on the delayed search pattern anyway, go ahead and interview the world to find the one he likes.

Remember, Rick Adelman, the franchise’s most successful coach, was hired in August/September of 1998 when it was unknown the next season wouldn’t begin until late January 1999 because of the lockout.  It is not too long a search if the proper selection is made.  Since the Kings are starting a rebuilding phase, it might take years to know if the right person is chosen.  Then again, it only could take a couple of months to figure out the wrong selection was made. That one, we’ve seen before.


LeBron flubs opportunity to apologize


Cleveland’s LeBron James is soooo nice, he doesn’t have a position. Or rather, isn’t his position, ‘star’? The young man is a hybrid guard/forward and at times defends the basket as if he were a center. Yet, we all should remember he’ll not turn 25 until Dec. 30.

Moreover, the ability to perform what appear to be super-human basketball feats does not absorb his place among the rest of us mortals. So he is capable of doing the same immature, i.e. stupid stuff we all have done, do and likely will do in the future.

Walking off the Amway Arena floor Saturday night in a snit after taking that spanking by the Orlando Magic should be a reminder to all, maybe so mostly himself (once and if it kicks in), that he isn’t all that. Oh, yes, he’s nice. James is very nice, still with the potential to become one of the best ever with the addition of an improved, more reliable jump shot and consistently better shot-selection.

However, when one refers to oneself as “King James” , one assumes much responsibility and attracts even more glare.  The King should represent his people, not walk out on them because he takes a disappointing ‘L’.

Some say he didn’t have to speak to the media or show love to the Magic. It says here he should have done both. That’s the origin of the phrase, “Man Up.”  He wasn’t the only Cavalier pissed to the highest of pisstivity (how does one spell a word that does not exist?) as the late comedian Robin Harris (creator of Bebe’s Kids for you young’uns) used to say.

He is the lone Cavalier reaping stupid benefits for being one of the planet’s baddest hoopers. He is the only Cavalier dreaming of becoming a billionaire.  (Homeboy must anticipate, even plan, on blowing a lot of loot, huh?)

You mean, $800 mil won’t get him over. Now that I think about it, what qualifies one as a billioniaire? Do you have to have it in the bank? Is that one of those net worth deals? Can we see it in savings account on an ATM nearest to you?

Sorry, got off track for a minute.  Even after taking a stab at understand James being so upset he couldn’t handle dealing with other folks after the crushing defeat, a day later, the kid still was bugging.  Losing is part of the team thing he always espouses, just as winning is a part of the deal.  He gave new meaning to a “walk-off.” He must not be much of a boxing fan. Those dudes play rock’em-sock’em robots then usually embrace, congratulate and console. I mean, it’s not like my man never has lost before.

In the parlance of back in the day, LeBron chumped his hand. Anybody can, and I’m guessing most men  do get socked in the eye, at one point or another, during their lives.


I know our generation has flaws, but man, an e-mail congratulation to Dwight Howard?

C’mon, dawg. Is that what things have come to?  A hug, some dap, a handshake… a pound is no good.?

Yo, let’s not compare James walking off with Isiah Thomas and the Pistons walk against the Chicago Bulls in 1991. There was bad blood between those two teams and Detroit Basketball was comprised of the Bad Boys, whom, yes, sometimes were classless.

James and Howard are boys. It didn’t have to be like that.  Hopefully, we live and we learn. All in all, James has done quite well for himself.



This the first installment of Marty Mac’s World – The Mack is Back.

Martin McNeal is a Sacramento-based, but New York City born and based writer now working for himself and the family after being kicked to the curb by the Sacramento Bee.  I’m venturing into the internet world as a single entity in hopes of carving my own totally uncensored niche. Well, I must self-censor and hopefully, it won’t be long before my folks do a little editing for me… feel free to Ask Marty at mpmcneal@gmail. I promise to try to get back faster than I used to with the paper…. Can’t guarantee, but I’ll try. Peace…












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