Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lies, lies and more lies

We're entering a period of NBA life during which there possibly will be more lies, lies and more lies told than ever before.

There are so many lies out here right now, even before I can get started on this topic, I just heard another one.

Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson Wednesday afternoon on being tied 2-2 in the Western Conference Finals with the Phoenix Suns after losing back-to-back games in the Valley, "There's absolutely no doubt that we love this. This is what champions are made of. We had this situation with Oklahoma. We had it with Denver last year in the (Conference) finals. It should be like this."

Yeah, Phil. Really?

Why do people feed us this garbage like we're disposals? I mean, you can't just put anything even in a disposal.

He's got a center in Andrew Bynum, who currently because of a knee injury has the mobility of former mountainous Utah center Mark Eaton.

The Suns have used a 2-3 matchup zone of sorts to lure the Lakers into make shooting from the perimeter in the past two games and they've been incapable of handling the responsibility.
The Lakers went to Phoenix with a 2-0 lead and left tied 2-2 and Jackson wants us, somebody, anybody to believe he'd rather be in this position than ahead 3-1 with a chance to move to Finals Thursday night.

Imagine this concept Phil, you wouldn't rather have won both of those game and have clinched a Finals berth?

Yeah, Phil. Let's just say I've got some land in Montana I need to sell. Oh, that's right, you've already got a spread up there.

Jackson's impending contract situation actually was one of the motivations behind this subject.'s Mark Stein, whom I hold in high regard, reported the New Jersey Nets indirectly have inquired about Jackson's potential interest in coaching their squad next season.

Jackson's contract is up after this season and word is Lakers owner Jerry Buss wants the zenmaestro to return, albeit with a drastically reduced salary. He made $12 million and it's been reported Buss wants that dropped by roughly half.
Now I have doubts about that. Could Buss be crazy/senile enough to think Jackson, whose lady friend Jeanne happens to be Jerry's daughter and a Lakers exectutive, would take such a deal. For goodness sakes the man could be coming off back-to-back championships.

Jackson says he nor none of his people have discussed potential coaching gigs with New Jersey or Chicago or Cleveland.

So some one or somebody or some people are lying.

Each side can't be telling the truth.

We're told LeBron James had nothing to do with the firing of coach Mike Brown. Yeah, right.

That we've not heard James told the Cavs he'd come back if they retained Brown means the young star had something to do with Brown's release.

Coaches come and go because teams eventually stop wanting to hear their message and the grass always is greener.

Shoot, I loved my late father, but there were days I'd have traded his butt for two slices of Valentino pizza at the bus terminal on 165th street in Queens. No doubt, there are nights my son would make the cheesesteak for dad trade, too.

After having covered the Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings, being lied to comes with putting on socks in the morning. Executives and coaches lie to beat writers regularly. It's part of their job and as long as we accept that, it's a free world.

There are times the truth can destroy impending or possible transactions. That's understood.

However, can we keep a little sanity about these untruths. At least work on the falsehood. It's not like you come home and tell the wife just anything. Can we as fans and writers get similar respect, please?

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