Saturday, May 29, 2010

When you think you know, you don't

One thing about sports, is unlike Charles Barkley, we all really are experts.

One other thing about sports is the only place we are experts is in our minds.

Ultimately, Charles is right, at least about this one. We all know Charles weaves in facts amongst his hilarious takes on life, sports and basketball.

However, from the guys we used to pass on 205th st and Linden Blvd. every morning our way to Andrew Jackson High School to the allegedly big-time sportswriters toiling for the New York Times, New York Daily News, the old Long Island Press, the New York Post and Newsday, we all thought we knew why the New York Knicks, New York Mets, Yankees, Giants and Jets were doing what they were doing.

Nothing has changed. Those winos we passed daily waiting for the liquor stores to open didn't know any more or much less, for that matter, than the sportswriters. Everybody had theories, but no one truly knew or ever knows.

I can't speak for the so-called experts, but if they know so much, take it to Nevada and put that cheese where all the verbiage comes from.

I know I would if I felt that strongly. But you never know.

Many brainiacs believed the Boston Celtics would close out the Orlando Magic Friday night. However, many of those brainiacs, myself included, thought after the Celtics took that 3-0 series lead, they were going to win in four.

Moreover, how many of the brainiacs, myself included, would have guessed Nate Robinson would prove to be the Game Six spark offensively and defensively. Robinson clearly took Orlando's Jameer Nelson out of the game with his feisty, aggressive defense. All that while Robinson directed the Boston offense impeccably and scored 13 second-quarter points to enable the Celts to seize control.

By the way, what was that cheap-shot garbage Kevin Garnett did when he twice slammed his right forearm against the right wrist of Orlando's Dwight Howard with 8:09 left in the first quarter. Garnett got away with the first time before referee Mike Callahan whistled him after the second.

Garnett complained Howard was holding him. I've always been a proponent that when you're hooping and the referees won't help you, then you've got to do it yourself. Now, Garnett merely used his left hand to slap Howard's hand away once before twice violently slamming his right forearm.

So in a way I'm torn. You, especially at the professional level, have to keep people off you, pretty much by any means, necessary. However, that was Garnett's second foul early in the first quarter on a night when no one truly knew how long or how well either Rasheed Wallace and/or Glen (Big Baby) Davis could play.

The play occurred right in front of Callahan on the baseline. Whether he saw the entire situation only he knows. Yet, Callahan should have whistled Garnett for a flagrant foul because simply, it was flagrant.

Since this blog is in it's infancy, we'll be coming from different directions. It's like that when things are on the fly. We're going to start with a question or questions of the day. Feel free to reply in the comments section, but please bring the noise. Weakness is discouraged.

Who is the NBA's point guard and why?


  1. Hey Gang, Scoop Carlisle, chillin with you. So its Celitics vs. Lakers again . Now I`m a New Yorker, and` bleed Yankee Blue , and back in the day when it did not matter who you liked. It was just cover yourself by representing love for all all or any New York team. I loved Yaz, and a whole bunch of Sox Players who were just so lovable. But I really fell in love with Bob Cousey, who graduated from my High School and went on to become a great Celtic. Point being I just love great basketball no matter who is playing it. I will go on record , Celtics in six. Peace Out.

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