Thursday, September 2, 2010

'Melo to the Kings? Of course, if possible

Talking trade reports with Sacramento Kings President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie always is a little dicey.

Actually, it's usually an exercise in frustration because Petrie usually gives up less information than love from your pops after a bad report card. He did say he's been on a bit of vacation and merely monitoring life via e-mail.

However, since folks have been writing and talking about the merits of pursuing Denver Nuggets all-star forward Carmelo Anthony, I figured I'd weigh in.

Of course, the Kings should attempt to acquire Anthony.

Even according to Petrie, Anthony is one of the NBA's top 15 players. I'd put him among the top 10 and I'm not a huge 'Melo fan. He's a bit of a gunner and he'll not win any defensive player of the year awards.

Yet, as a scorer (still a fairly important quality in this game), the boy is about as competent and versatile as there is. Anthony has a lethal mid-range game and at 6-foot-8, can score inside and out.

No one on the Kings has established themselves as a consistent producer, so to add a player of Anthony's ilk would be a no-brainer.

Of course, you don't give up respected unless it's possible to ensure you can lock up Anthony and build around him. However, Tyreke Evans, Anthony and DeMarcus Cousins is a trio around which I can work.

Anthony is the oldest at 26 and his acquisition, if pulled off quickly, immediately would make the Kings a playoff contender. They'd be a team few would want to play.

No doubt, a trade of such magnitude would be tough to make happen, much less quickly.

Now, there are all types of factors to be considered, but some would answer themselves.

Anthony, whom I've yet to be heard from, reportedly wants to be traded to New York. ... Or Houston. Whatever. Anthony's unspoken words have come through the failure to sign a three-year/$65 million extension.

That seems to indicate he no longer wants to play in Denver, unless the kid has mental issues of which I've never heard. Bypassing $65 million for three years at age 26 almost makes me want to question his sanity, particularly entering a season after which a lockout, in my opinion, surely is to follow.

Following the lockout, it's conceivable new rules under a new Collective Bargaining Agreement could prevent a similar offer.

But what does Anthony want? Is it a title? Does he want to help hook up his wife, La La's career? Which is the priority?

If he's all in on a title, then the Kings should be all in on acquiring him. If not, then make sure that real cap room is spent on a player dedicated and committed to winning.

Meanwhile, the Kings are expecting most of their players in town around Sept. 15. Petrie said second-round pick Hasaan Whiteside has been working with assistant coach Shareef Abdur-Rahim at the team's practice facility while first-round choice DeMarcus Cousins has been working out in Mobile, Al. and now in Washington, D.C.

"So there is some surveillance going on," Petrie said with a laugh.

  • The NFL is back and few things are sweeter
College football is all right, but there's nothing better than the NFL.

Things are on the uptick in the San Francisco Bay Area with the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders.

Imagine that, the Raiders legitimately have a shot at a wild-card berth with luck and good health. As much I've liked Jason Campbell since his days at Auburn, I'm also down with backup Bruce Gradkowski.

As for that offensive line and head coach Tom Cable, there are the places of uncertainty. If the line can protect and the wideouts catch passes, it'll be up to Cable to prove he can lead.

Leadership is no problem for Niners coach Mike Singletary. He's the man and everyone knows it. Singletary's squad has a great chance to win the NFC West and that's should be the goal. The Niners need to protect QB Alex Smith. I say Smith will be just fine.

The Niners finished 8-8 and lost three games by four points or less last season.

However, seeing as I'm and Giants/Jets fan, the major concerns are lines with the Giants and QB Mark Sanchez with the Jets. His inexperience is glaring. If the Jets can run the ball, they'll be fine. However, there's no track record of Sanchez being able to pass and lead the Jets to victory under duress.

As for holdout cornerback Darelle Revis, the Jets need to give up the cash. They made their bed by consistently calling him the best cornerback in the league. So pay the man.

For all the ridiculousness that has been the Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre, they did get their man into camp. That's the bottom line.


  1. Great read as always Marty. Hope to see you at the Kings media day if you're going.

  2. Yo, Rob... heard you were still in town. The plan to date is to make media day. I've been at every one since about '91, I think. Peace