Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bibby says Hawks did him dirty, but he's happy to go to Heat

Mike Bibby may not always say something but he is often an attentive listener and reader.

So Tuesday as he made preparations to leave Atlanta Wednesday and sign with the Miami Heat, he paid attention to what the so-called experts said about him joining the high-profile squad.

“I couldn’t pass it up,” the 32-year-old said of the opportunity to join Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and his brother-in-law, Heat guard Eddie House.

Bibby said Boston and Portland had shown interest.

Bibby normally plays with a chip on his shoulder. On the court, his confidence level borders arrogance as it does with most of the league’s clutch performers.

After listening to pundits decry any positive effect he will have on the Heat, Bibby will be even more determined.

“People told me I was too short and too slow when I came to the league,” he said. “13 years later, here I am. But you know me; I don’t care what nobody says.”

That’s not exactly true.

Bibby was not enthralled by the words Atlanta had to say the day he was traded to the Washington Wizards. Four days later, Bibby’s agent, David Falk, worked out a buyout

“We were in Phoenix,” he said, “and I saw everybody in the organization that day. I think I deserved the respect to at least tell me they are working on something. They had me come to the team meeting and then one hour before the game, I get a call saying they’ve worked out a trade.

“They said it’s 99 percent done, so don’t come to the game.”

Bibby said he anticipates things will be different in Miami than they were in Atlanta.

“I didn’t have the ball in my hands in Atlanta,” he said, “and that’s not saying I’m gonna have it in Miami. But I think things will be different.”


  1. Bibby has the Ego of Kobe, and just can't play any defense.

  2. Clutch shooter and solid player. If they give him the ball in Miami, and tell those three captains (James, Wade and Bosh)to shut-up and play their roll, Bibby will make them better.

  3. The only thing Mike Bibby can do well is shoot. He is terrible on defense. In fact he was usually responsible for breaking down the entire Kings defense, as someone would always have to switch to cover the man that he could not stay in front of. Just look at any tape thay you want to. You will find Bibby wondering around the circle, guarding nobody. hoping for an errant pass. He will do the same thing in Miami.