Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Warriors face nut-cutting time

It's difficult to fathom the Cleveland Cavs doing what we've seen them do in the past week.

It's even more difficult to comprehend how the Golden State Warriors have performed. They had the NBA's best regular-season record and believed to have an incredible depth advantage. And that was before the Cavs lost all-star guard Kyrie Irving.

However, that depth only counts and works when players are performing to their capabilities. And right now, I think only Leandro Barbosa, Andre Iquodala and David Lee are doing that.

Golden State is confused and dispirited. Starters Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes and MVP Steph Curry are playing tentatively and amazingly at times appear hesitant to take shots they've taken and made all season.

Now they are facing the biggest game of their lives. Game 4 of the NBA Finals, trailing 2 games to 1. Coach Steve Kerr has preached how difficut it is to earn an NBA championship. Now his team should realize he wasn't just blowing smoke up their you-know-whats.

TI repeat. The Warriors are down two games to one. Moreover, they are playing from behind in each game and that's not an advantageous position.

Cleveland has tested the Warriors resolve and won. Now we get to see how much they have.

I was told last night by my boy Sean Cunningham of News 10, anytime you can quote former Sacramento Kings forward Lionel Simmons, it's a good thing.

Simmons' career was cut short by bad knees, but played with as much heart as anyone. He used to love describing tense, game-detrmining or in this case, series-determining situations as 'nut-cutting time.' Former Kings guard Randy Brown, now a Chicago Bulls executive, during their heyday used to bring them out yelling, 'What time is it?'

Well, it's nut-cutting time and we'll see how Golden State responds. Cleveland knows well it has an opportunity to put its feet on the Warriors throats. Golden State is not facing a win or go home game Thursday night, but a loss takes away all wiggle room. The Warriors have to win just to climb out of a hole and give themselves a legitimate chance for victory.

We'll soon see what's up.

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