Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If James' heart is as large as his ambition, he'll stay in Cleveland

Every alleged hoops expert has an opinion regarding the NBA's Mount Rushmore of free-agency, but what do they really know?

They don't know any more than you, I or my main man, Dwight.

You don't know Dwight, but any one and every one you know fits smugly into the equation.

We should all feel comfortable with not knowing which teams or team will sign LeBron James, Chris Bosh and their boys.

It's all good because that's the way free-agency is supposed to evolve.

However, I can tell you how things would play out in Marty Mac's World.

If I were James, there would be two choices - in this order, Cleveland and Miami.

Chicago's situation would make me think, but if I wanted to continue freezing my tuckus off, I can do that at home.

If James remains in Cleveland, virtually the Akron native's psuedo-hometown, he stays with the squad that won 127 games over the past seasons, but couldn't finish the playoff deal.

The Cavs hardly are the Minnesota Timberwolves or the Sacramento Kings.

Cleveland is right there with James, the dancing star.

He should know how close the Cavs are and as the guy who has accepted the moniker of 'The King", if he has the heart of a champion, he'll gather his teammates this summer and help lead them to the title he allegedly craves.

Indeed, this is an old-school mentality that says you start what you finish.

It says this is the squad I grew up loving and I'm not leaving until the job is done. I have built a mansion around the way.

Cleveland is my home. The rest of you can bring it - I'm the baddest boy around and we're going to win.

Virtually every NBA champion had to go through the process of brain-rattling losses on the destination to the title. Why should Cleveland be any different?

The case for going to Miami is as much social as anything.

There is freaking South Beach and when it's -10 degrees in Cleveland in January, it likely will be 75 degrees in South Florida.

Personally, that's a biggie for a guy, who grew up in New York City's snowy winters and now in California, hasn't shoveled snow for 30 years.

Then there is the case of playing with my boy Dwayne Wade, who brings the same fire, desire and talent to the court as do I.

Can we convince one more young star (Bosh, Amare Stoudamire or Carlos Boozer) to join us and then trust President Pat Riley to put role players around us that will enable us to compete for a title?

Each of these free-agents are on the record say all they want to do is win. That's something we shall see before the July 8 signing date.

A guess here estimates 99.999% of us regular folk never will have the opportunity to say, "I can make another $10 million over the length of my contract if I sign with Team X, but I'm going to sign with Team Y because the best chance to win is there."

In LeBron's case, if he's worried about this so-called icon status and winning four and five titles, then there is no way I can get into his cranium.

I know he didn't do college, but he has to know two and three come after one. And he doesn't have one yet. In that instance, he must realize how difficult it is to get it done.

Winning a title will be more difficult than deciding where he wants to cast his lot.


  1. Glad to see you're blogging Marty Mac. Keep them coming.

  2. Ed, I'll do better at supplying blogs than I will at providing timely replies to comments. But I'll do better. Peace.