Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kings look to make moves under radar

The Kings won't use their entire $15 million queen in this mega free-agent game of chess.

However, it wouldn't be surprising for Kings President Geoff Petrie to use a couple of pawns, knights and bishops to fill a hole or two.

Petrie said Wednesday afternoon he planned to make calls after the 9 p.m. (PST) opening of free-agency.

"I'll probably call any number of different players," he said, "and some agents who represent some pretty large groups of players to get a lay of the land."

Petrie admitted the Kings are more inclined to wait and watch.

"Sometimes it better to stand pat and see how it all shakes out," he said.

The Kings priorities recently have been altered following the recent additions of 6-foot-11 rookie DeMarcus Cousins, 7-foot rookie Hasaan Whiteside and 6-foot-11 Samuel Dalembert.

Amazingly, the Kings' roster now is big-man heavy. The Kings are young up front with the likes of 6-11 Jason Thompson (23), 6-11 Donte Greene (22), 6-9 Carl Landry (26), 6-9 Omri Casspi (22) and 6-7 Jon Brockman (23).

The Kings need more backcourt depth with just Tyreke Evans, Beno Udrih and Francisco Garcia as natural guards. And Garcia, who can handle the ball well enough to play guard, might be more of a small forward.

Certainly, the Kings need a backup point guard capable of changing tempo, running the fast break and penetrating defenses to create shots for teammates. Handling his weight defensively would be a nice trait as well.

Said Petrie, "If we were to prioritize, getting more shooters and more depth at the '1' and the '2' probably would be what we'd like to do."

Unrestricted free agents who bring these qualifications are Ray Allen (shooter), Nate Robinson (point guard), Flip Murray (shooter), Jannero Pargo (point-shooter), Earl Watson (point guard), Luther Head (combo guard), Steve Blake (point guard), Rafer Alston (point guard), Carlos Arroyo (point guard), Luke Ridnour (point guard), Eddie House (combo guard), Jason Williams (point guard), Kyle Korver (shooter), Randy Foye (point guard) and Shaun Livingston (point guard).

Actually the guard I'd love to see the Kings get is point Kyle Lowry, but he's restricted and Houston publically said it plans to re-sign him.

Petrie said he's enthusiastically looking forward to watching his team in the Las Vegas Summer League.

The Kings won just 17 games in 2008-09 and 25 games last season.

"We've had some pretty lean couple of years," he said of games won.

Petrie also could have been referring to the team's spending as it created salary cap room that can be used to facilitate trades as well as signing free agents.

However, Petrie is mindful of making the most of this money under the cap.

And consider the current 10 highest salaries:

1) Kobe Bryant - $24,806,250.
2) Rashard Lewis - $20,514,000.
3) Kevin Garnett - $18,800,000.
4) Tim Duncan - $18,700,000.
5) Michael Redd - $18,300,000.
6) Pau Gasol - $17,822,187.
7) Andres Kirilenko - $17, 822,187.
8) Gilbert Arenas - $17,730,694.
9) Zach Randolph - $17,333,333.
10) Vince Carter - $17, 300, 000.

How many of those salaries would you like to be paying this season?


  1. I'm agree with you. I like so much Kyle Lowry. If I can get this guy, I'll sign Foye or Ridnour.

    Any options for Ronnie Brewer?

  2. hey,been reading your stuff from the bee since I was a kid. What do you think of Farmar, I heard he was being retained by the lakers. thanks.

  3. Shannon Brown is a name to consider and would provide good back-up minutes. But Ronnie is my first choice.

  4. Kyle Lowry would be great. Wouldn't mind Childress either.

  5. What's up folks? The major difficulty in signing Kyle Lowry is he's a restricted free agent, so the Rockets can match any offer. If the Kings want him, perhaps they can catch Houston while it is trying to make another deal. I think that would be their only shot. Teams usually don't want to deal with restricted free agents because teams can match. I'm not sure about Brewer. I know I like him, but I don't know how the Kings feel about him. He doesn't qualify as a shooter, although he can score. He defends like a demon and certainly would add to the team's winning quotient.
    Joel, to my knowledge, Farmar is an unrestricted free agent. Farmar wants playing time and money. I'm not sure if the Kings are willing to give up enough of either to satisfy him.
    Randall, I love Shannon Brown, but we'll have to see exactly what he's looking to do. I'm guessing he wants to increase last season's $2.15 million salary as well as increase long-term security.
    Anonymous, Josh Childress is an interesting look. I haven't activated my Greek TV package so I haven't seen him play in a couple of years. However, he was long, active and capable of scoring.