Thursday, July 8, 2010

James is a hot mess, isn't he?

LeBron James clearly is what I think he is.

No, he's not. Yes, he is.

Tonight, during a one-hour television special orchestrated by James and his people, he'll make his decision known. Personally, I think he'll decide to go to Miami.

In one sense, I put living in Miami on one hand and Cleveland on the other and say the one holding Cleveland gets chopped off. That's a no-brainer.

James is perhaps the NBA's most talented player and definitely its largest egotist wrapped in a 6-foot-9, 265-pound, 25-year-old package.

The fact that James and his people decided to choose broadcaster Jim Gray to moderate this 60 minutes of LeBron suggests they see life totally different than do I. Actually, that's no different than the Maloofs choosing Gray to work the sidelines for the Kings.

Gray is a pompous knucklehead who thinks he's worth more than he is. Then again, that's just my opinion and I'm sure he could care less. I could feel that way because twice he tried to step over me as if I wasn't there to speak to the person with whom I was conversing.

As you might see, rudeness is a no-no and I had let the dude know it could be hazardous to his health if he again pulled that garbage.

However, Gray was linked to noted con-man Don King for the longest time. Need more be said?

But back to James. I've always thought James could show how much heart he has by staying in Cleveland and winning a championship. He would be hanging when things are tough and showing his total dedication to his hometown.

Part of me says if his ego is as large as it seems, he'd say I'm winning one for Cleveland and y'all can't stop me.

Ultimately, though, there's no way James can leave Cleveland without folks in that area hating his guts.

Perhaps the funniest and sickest comment regarding former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell was that he had a heart attack and didn't die.

Man, that's cold until you see the comment followed it up by 'I'll hate LeBron 10 times as much.'

Whoa! That about sums it up.

Should James leave Cleveland, that's it. It doesn't make a difference when, where or how he announces it. He's not insulting Cleveland with this manner he chosen to deliver the news. He's insulting his fans by leaving, if anything.

Most Cleveland fans will hate the air he breathes.

Ultimately, he won't care and nor, should he. He's got to do what he feels is best for him. James clearly wanted to stay in Cleveland, but should he go to Miami, then he believes that's where his best chance to win exists.

Being hated and loathed is part of the territory, particularly when your ego invites it with moves like this hour-long announcement.

However, it's not like James only will be hated in Cleveland. It's just the intensity of that hatred will be more intense.

In New York, New Jersey and Chicago, he'll be booed as never before.

Share the hate.

That James is handing over proceeds from the telecast to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America is solid.

However, with his loot, he merely could just write a check. I think that check would clear.

Then again, he's said his decision would be about winning. And if James chooses to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, it's a decision that seems to follow that thinking.

It would be a decision that would shut up so many so-called experts who said there was no way James would or even could play with Wade because his 'ego' wouldn't allow him to make that concession.

That part of James' decision I love.

I've played basketball much of my life. And at its essence for me, it was played in the park, or the YMCA, or in New York (at night centers in local schools open at night).

That was where you might find the toughest competition because that's where you'd find half of the dudes who were good enough to play for their schools, but didn't attend class enough to qualify.

Never once, not one time, have I ever seen a group of five decide they weren't going to try load up the bomb squad.

The concept when playing in the win-and-stay situations that exist in the park is getting on the court and dominating until you don't want to play anymore.

Granted, it's a long way from Cambria Park or PS 15 or Hempstead's Kennedy Park or Roosevelt Park to Madison Square Garden and the NBA.

However, I can't blame James deciding to load up with Wade and Bosh and trying to dominate the NBA.

How many hoopers who have had 'next' decided against choosing the next best four players for his squad?

You might take one of your boys (and I've been one of those) who wasn't one of the best available because he was your boy.

On the other hand, there was nothing more satisfying than playing against the bomb squad and kicking their butts.

Beating them with back-door plays and moving the ball and defending as if their lives depend upon a victory.

I'm hearing former Kings guard Jon Barry say James and Wade can't play together. It's not the first time Barry has said something stupid. It's just the most recent time he's done it.

Barry also has there was no way James' ego would allow him to play with Wade. Barry said it with absolute certainty without any inkling of proof. It's a red flag when I hear statements like that.

These are two of the world's most talented and skilled players. They've both got more than enough handle to play together. They looked very comfortable playing together on the 2008 gold-medal winning team.

Granted, that was a two-week deal as opposed to doing it for a season and more. However, it seems to be the longer they do it, the more the comfort level will grow.

Now, it's not a done deal that the James, Wade and Bosh crew would race to a championship.

First, we nor they have a clue with whom they'll play.

Second, they'll have a larger bullseye on their chests than the two-time world champion Los Angeles Lakers and that's saying something.

Third, there is something to playing together and establishing a rapport and a rhythm that cannot be produced without time.

Fourth, the scrutiny these guys will endure will be enormous. But that's part of the territory.

Say what you will, but those who criticize James' announcement tonight will be just like me, sitting and watching.


  1. I agree about Jim Gray, The guy is a clown.

  2. 1. If Lebron goes to Miami, does he become Dwayne Wade's Scottie Pippen? So much for being the best player in the world!

    2. If they do not win a championship, what will that do to his reputation?

    3. What makes anyone think they will even beat Boston, and/or the Magic? Nuff said about my Lakers!

    4. Cleveland committed Salary Cap Suicide in order to bring him a championship before he became a free agent; no they're screwed!

    5. His ego is his undoing!

    6. Hollah Buzzit!

  3. Kingsrulal, the word missing from that blog was creep. Well, I always have at least one regret in everything... Anonymous, James is the world's most talented player, not the best... If he goes to the Heat and they don't win, he'll have no reputation. ... Hype makes folks believe they will beat Boston and 'your' Lakers... Indeed,the Cavs are screwed if your boy departs. ... Lastly, the kid's ego is bigger than the oil spill. Buzzard has hollared.

  4. I agree about Gray, I can't seem to understand what his "contacts" or his "journalism" will bring to the telecast. Kinda tough even using the word journalism when speaking of Gray.
    This LeBron thing is ridiculous and no I won't watch his announcement.

  5. CelD, you didn't watch? I didn't have that much strength. Too much comedy there for me to bypass. And the night didn't disappoint.