Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No A,I. or J-Will likely for Kings

The operative word was 'wait' Tuesday during brief discussions with an agent and Kings President Geoff Petrie describing the team's current posture regarding free-agency.

"We're still in a wait and hold situation," Petrie said. "It's still in effect. We're getting ready for (the Vegas) summer league. We'll definitely have (first-round pick) DeMarcus (Cousins) and (Hasaan) Whiteside signed before we start practicing on Friday."

Agent Aaron Mintz from the Priority Sports Management firm said the Kings have been keeping in touch.

"We've been talking to them but I think they are kind of in a wait and see scenario," Mintz said.

Actually, quite a few teams have assumed the patient approach during the first few days of free-agent conversation. After all, teams cannot sign players until Thursday.

Once signings begin and money commitments reveal themselves, it's easier for teams to recognize what competitors for players can extend. And once players and agents see which teams have money available and are willing to make deals, the action and conversations become real.

Petrie will be looking to fortify the Kings backcourt, but said he didn't anticipate pursuing either Allen Iverson or former Kings point guard Jason Williams.

"The straight-forward answer would be he's not somebody we've talked about," Petrie said of Iverson. "And I don't think Jason is leaving Florida. I think they might be guys who see what happens with teams after (LeBron) James, (Chris) Bosh and (Dwayne) Wade make their decisions."

Contrary to the thoughts of some, Petrie said the team is willing to spend money and would be open to involve itself in a three-way trade.

Petrie always has maintained cash dominates the direction of free-agency.

"I told somebody the other day that free agency was a giant battle of opportunity where the ammunition is cash," he said.

Once the major players of free-agency have committed their real money, the Kings will have as much 'ammunition' as virtually any team on the board.

"I'd be interested in a (three-way) as long as it meets our parameters," Petrie said. "If we're going to take on a lot of future money, it'll have to come down to us acquiring a high-quality player and satisfy a high-quality need."

Three players - Tyreese Rice, Ryan Thompson and Connor Atchley - on the team's summer-league squad are playing in the Orlando summer league before they join the Kings this weekend.

Petrie said earlier this summer assistant coaches Pete Carril and Shareef Abdur-Rahim will return next season. Abdur-Rahim may have been the league's highest-paid assistant last season since he was still under contract as a player.

By the way

Much ado was made by Wade's statement over the past weekend that his decision would be affected by his desire to do what was best for his two sons. Wade has gone through an emotional, contentious and public divorce from his ex-wife.

So, did anyone really think his decision on where to sign would not factor in his two children? And after questioning his wife's mental stability, am I the only one who believes he might want his kids to be as far away as possible from his ex-wife?

James' decision to announce his decision Thursday night on television on his own designed special definitely qualifies as special.

As is his decision to control the advertising for the special and direct all proceeds to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Anyone who concentrates any ego attached to this production rather than the money going to the kids is misguided.


  1. "I told somebody the other day that free agency was a giant battle of opportunity where the ammunition is cash".

    I like this words.

  2. anyone who thinks LeBron isn't doing this for any other reason other than to inflate his own ego is an IDIOT

  3. too scared to put your name up mr. anonymous? No doubt hes furthering his brand by doing this but good is also coming out of this. Good that wouldnt have come had he taken the "normal route" so stop being so cynical and be appreciative of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars that are going to be donated to a solid cause. He may have an ego but he's at least shown hes a good guy, a good teammate, and gives to charity.

  4. Toronto signed Linas Kleisa to a four year deal. Does this open the door for Hedo Turkoglu to return to the Kings? Contract aside, he is a past first SF who can hit the 3 and would "fit" on this roster and would be an asset in the locker room. We want Hedo!

  5. charity = smokescreen
    Lebron = self absorbed joke
    Sactown's Finest = IDIOT