Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yo, LeBron: It's time. Let's do this!

Yo, LeBron! It's time.

Let's do this.

Yes, deciding where and with whom you'll spend the next few years playing basketball is the biggest decision of your life.

And yes, you should make it when you want and how you want and to hell with anyone who can't understand.

There's no guarantee you'll ever have this freedom and opportunity again.

However, now, we're at the point where people are criticizing you for wearing sweats to meetings.

As if anything would be altered if you wore a suit or some pajamas.

What? Did folks think you were applying for a gig at Princeton? After all, you do your work in shorts.

You and your people (aka team) are being criticized for being 25 as if it was unknown that was the age-group before these multi-million recruiting pitches began.

You've got to know where you want to be by now.

The only reason for delaying the announcement is if you are leaving Cleveland and trying to get someone else to join you.

Holla at your fellow free-agents. Discuss your scenarios and make sure the requisite comfort levels exist.

Then you can exhale and stop all the no-nothing commentators from talking loud and saying nothing.

OK, this is a bit of a personal plea. I'm so sick of people putting words and thoughts in your mind and mouth. I understand you have brought some of this on yourself and the rest of us by holding your cards so close.

However, that's your option. And I know you can't sign your deal until Thursday.

Bottom line, though, no matter where you go or if you stay, the most important portion of this summer will be spent in the gym. No player this season will have more on their shoulders than you and no one has more ability and talent with which to maintain.

So, let's do this. Make your call. Go on vacation and then get into the gym and prepare to fulfill your potential.

It's sounds funny to say this about a two-time Most Valuable Player.

However, there is so much more you can do... so much more you can be.

Stoudamire to Knicks - Amare should start here

I've always found Amare Stoudamire to be a good, respectful dude. He's always been accomodating.

Now that he's agreed to a 5-year/$100-million deal with the New York Knicks, here's a minor request from a native New Yorker and former Knicks' fan.

I'm still holding it against the franchise for trading Charles Oakley, one of my all-time favorite folks and players, not to mention the team's heart at the time, to Toronto. And yes, I know the Knicks went to the Finals right after that.

I don't care. I admit to retaining the ability to be a little bit of a silly fan.

But Amare, if you want to show you have some heart and say you'll reach out to LeBron James, start your reaching out with helping out Ray Williams. The former Knicks captain needs help dealing with life.

With $100 million of new money, we're talking about relative pocket change, 'bro.


  1. If it is all about winning why are they talking to the Clippers Knicks and Nets?

  2. Precisely! We know what it is about, Kingsrulal, and always have, don't we?

  3. After LeBron's, poor showing in the Eastern Finals, you kind of figure he would still have his head in a hole somewhere. The New York press would eat him up if he came to NY, and demonstrated that type of performance. He better be the real deal, here. They will be waiting. Hero or Goat? Play it safe! Leave NYC, alone.